Technology Research and Development

Technology Licensing

To promote future research and economic development, EMBES actively seeks to transfer our technology from the research lab to the public domain through licensing and sales opportunities. An extensive intellectual property portfolio and disclosures is currently available for commercial.

Custom Technology Design

EMBES provided complete Turnkey Integrated Solutions (TIS), Custom Configured Solutions (CCS) and Custom Designed Solutions (CDS).
EMBES is dedicated to meeting YOUR exact requirements and design with professional service to meet that.
Whether an embedded fanless PC or embedded micro cpu and other, those are “THE INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY” as our mission statement.
The success processes are;

PCB Design and Prototype

EMBES provides a wide range of PCB design services, including schematic capture, PCB layout and board procurement. During the development of your product, our PCB designers will work closely with the electrical engineers and mechanical engineers to ensure that the placement of parts meets both circuit and mechanical architecture needs. We also work closely with manufacturers so that we can provide a PCB design that supports efficient assembly and testing with high yields during production. Our capabilities include: